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West Flanders is cycling country, that’s clear. And not only for fans of the sport or cycling fanatics who go for a ride every weekend: those who like taking it easy can find some beautiful routes and themed rides to discover this wonderful region of Belgium as well. Check out these truly wonderful routes in the area...

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Hill Route Heuvelland (Hellingenroute Heuvelland)

This 100km long workout in the Heuvelland area crosses some 40 hills, going up around 1,500 m. So massage those calves!

  • Start: Heuvelland Tourist Board, Polenlaan 1 in Kemmel.
  • Signposting: this route is available on satnav, but there is no signposting along the way yet

West Flemish Mountain Route (West-Vlaamse Bergenroute)

The Hill Route (Hellingenroute) is not the only way to explore the Heuvelland’s beauty spots, the 45km long West Flemish Mountain Route will lead you through eight Heuvelland villages, across the Kemmelberg and Rodeberg, and past the Palingbeek provincial domain.

  • Start: Visitors centre 'De Bergen' van VVV Heuvelland (Reningelststraat 11 - 8956 Kemmel)
  • Signposting: red-and-white hexagonal signs


Freddy Maertens Route

This idyllic cycling route of 42 km winds its way along country roads, among beautiful coastal dunes and through the green hinterland.

  • Start: The tourist information office by the Sint-Theresia chapel along the Badenlaan in Westende-Bad
  • Signposting: hexagonal signs

Vintage Heuvelland cycling route

This newcomer is 24 km long and leads cyclists through the picturesque Heuvelland.

  • Start : From several villages (Kemmel, Loker, Westouter)
  • Signposting: signs in the shape of wine bottles tell cyclists more about the ten vineyards they pass along the way.

Westhoek KD cycling route

If you have little Flandriens at home who are dying to follow in the tracks of their heroes, the Westhoek KD cycling route is the perfect challenge to climb the famous West Flemish ‘cols’. You’ll start at the Kinderbrouwerij and cycle towards Heuvelland, spending a lovely afternoon on the Rodeberg and Zwarteberg hills. Rest assured, though, because you’ll be able to catch your

  • Start: Kidsbrewery (Kinderbrouwerij - Reningelstplein 5a, 8970 Poperinge)
  • Signposting: dedicated signs

West Flemish hills

West Flemish hills every cycling enthusiast should conquer:

  • Kemmelberg (156 m)
  • de Zwarteberg (152 m)
  • de Vidaigneberg (136 m)
  • de Rodeberg (129 m)
  • de Scherpenberg (125 m)
  • ...

Make your own route

The new cycling network in West Flanders has something for everyone! Just put together your own route before you go and cycle from crossing to crossing through the rolling West Flemish countryside.

Check out our route planner (in Dutch)!

On the track

Have you always dreamt of cycling on the track like a real professional? Then you should definitely check out these places!


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